Erin Leonard


My name is Erin Leonard. I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology working for Robert Pappalardo and David Senske on detailed mapping of Europa and analyzing surface structures on other icy satellites (such as Ariel). I received a PhD in Planetary Geology from Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Department at University of California Los Angeles working with An Yin on Europa and Enceladus origin and kinematics of surface structures.

On this website you will find some fun information about me, as well as my CV and some figures from my recent publications. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions!


The majority of my current research is centered around icy satellites, specifically Europa and Enceladus. I study the surface structures on these bodies draw inferences about the interior viscosity structure of the ice-shell and other rheological properties. Some of my current projects include:

  1. Geomorphological and Structural mapping of Europa at the highest resolution

  2. USGS Global Map of Europa

  3. Two-layer analogue model to simulate tectonics on icy satellites

  4. Europa Image Mosaics using ISIS3 and Stereo Topography using AMES Stereopipeline.

  5. Crater Islands formation and evolution on Enceladus

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